Genre fiction involving science, philosophy, adventure, mystery, and romance.

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On his first high school date Vincent Lyons was scarred over ninety-nine percent of his body by a malicious act of random cruelty.  Two decades later he is the reluctant recipient of accolades for his heroic efforts to save lives that would have otherwise been extinguished by fire. When Vincent’s life long friend and physician, Dr. Samuel Wilson, dies, Vincent is stunned by Samuel’s recommendation that he continue to have his medical needs served by Dr. Stella Winters, a beautiful and enthusiastic young doctor who is blazing new trails in stem cell therapy.  For the first time in over twenty years Vincent allows himself to ‘feel’, albeit with trepidation, as he and Stella embark on a highly experimental stem cell treatment for his burns, and a parallel friendship that matures into true love.  While the stem cell treatment holds great promise, it also forces Vincent to make the most difficult decision of his life. Buy eBook.


“Emergence” is the ‘could be true’ story of creation, evolution and the meaning of life.  It takes place over four billion years, moves through current time and into the not too distant future.  The “Original Six Creators” are second generation beings who are responsible for the universe as we know it. Periodically they train additional generations of Creators who are then licensed to travel the time-space continuum and establish new creations in the multiverse.  It is during this program of Creator training that a brilliant trainee is sabotaged by another trainee and the consequences are catastrophic for their experiment, which happens to be a planet we call Earth. The appearance of a mysterious third generation Creator opens the door to unprecedented issues amongst the existing Creators as he develops his own program for training of future Creators. Interwoven in the story are important philosophical and cultural concepts that are very relevant to our current situation. Buy eBook.


"Vibrations" is the first of a series of stories co-authored by my brother Tim Henderson, and myself, hence the pseudonym, "E. T. Henderson". The protagonist is Dr. Andy Cobb, a more than slightly unorthodox, and perhaps marginally disgruntled, Professor of Nanotechnology at a midwestern university. In this story Andy's "ready, shoot, aim" approach to problem solving backfires when an arrogant senior colleague with whom Andy has argued is found dead, and his head is missing. The plot thickens as more murders occur and Andy is the primary the suspect. His skills at martial arts and solving difficult puzzles lead him on a pathway to discovery of the real murderer and their bizarre motivation. Along the way Andy's friends including Hal, the pot-drenched millionaire scientist, Trey, the gi-normous bouncer, Greta, the incredibly endowed club owner, the fetching and wise Charlie, and her daughter, Beauty, and the mysterious Sensei John, help Andy stay on track as he sidesteps the miscreant local police detectives in his quest for answers. Buy eBook.

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The Pleasure Pill

"The Pleasure Pill" is the story of a sophisticated, top-tier pimp, Dumond Presley, and his favorite employee, Shaunlese Courage, as they discover a plot to put deadly "performance enhancing" drugs into the hands of their clients. The perpetrators of this devious scheme hail from the upper-most echelons of industry and government. As Dumond and Shaunlese go toe-to-toe with the pharmaceutical industry they are assisted by Darcy Dees, Dumond's protégé, Manfred Lundquist, a world-renowned professor whose expertise is sexual intercourse, and several other colorful characters. Dumond's street smarts meld with his natural intellectual and physical gifts allowing him outmaneuver the powerful of forces of capitalism, greed and government in his quest to discover who is killing innocent people, and why. Buy eBook.

Cryptic Orchid

[Coming soon...] Herman Miller is the quintessential nerd with a soft heart and body diametrically opposed to his razor sharp and steel hard brain. An unlikely national hero, Herman goes on a quest for WW II vintage cameras and ends up uncovering an unprecedented underground scheme to radically change the world. As he follows his mind, and heart, Herman begins to see the logic of the plan and is forced to make a decision that will profoundly impact all future human generations, especially the males.


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So here's the story...

So here is the dealio. I have this uncontrollable urge to marry the superficially disparate to create something new. Of course, this usually leads to failure but fortunately my genetic screen (and this is true) says that I have a "profound inability to learn from my mistakes" so I call this genetic entrepreneuralism and view is as a bonus as I trudge happily forward! You give a monkey a typewriter and infinite time...

Anyway, over the years I have managed to cobble together a variety of outputs that includes books, music, businesses, scientific papers, and, most impo(r)tantly, amazing F1 progeny (that is the genetic term for the next genetic generation, aka, my kids) and now F2 (grandkids). Humans whom I love above and beyond all else (duh!).

These days as I near retirement age (I'm 61) I am focused on using whatever energy I have left to create novels, music, gadgets, and to formulate solutions to interesting problems. My day job as a scientist and educator keeps the remaining neurons entertained and pays the bills. In whatever I pursue I keep in mind the transience of everything and the relative unimportance of the immediate in view of the absolute nature of the infinite (or, if you prefer, the universal quantum field some call God).

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